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March 7, 2010


There was a warm welcome for Mosquito Squad in Hagerstown this weekend. Many visitors to the show had problems with mosquitoes and concerns about ticks and Lyme disease. Then there was the STINK BUG issue. It seems that about 90% of people coming through the show were bugged–yes, pun intended–mostly by stink bugs.

We were touched by the sharing of Lyme stories by a number of visitors. Clearly Washington County has it’s share of infected ticks, and mice which act as a vector in spreading this disease to dogs and people. It is our goal to help reduce the incidence of Lyme through our Barrier Spray treatment and the Tick Tubes.

The Barrier Spray is effective in eliminating mosquitoes and adult ticks. As you may know, the young ticks, nymphs, are active carriers of Lyme. They take their first blood meal from mice which can contract Lyme. As the tick grows to adulthood, it moves on to bigger mammals for blood meals. Deer are one choice, though they apparently do not contract Lyme. Other choices for blood meals are dogs, cats and humans all of which can contract Lyme.

March 1, 2010

Spring Home Shows

As we launch service to some new areas around suburban Maryland, we thought a good way to introduce ourselves is through home shows. See us at the following shows: Hagerstown, March 6-7,  Germantown in the Discovery center at the Soccerplex on March 12-14, and in Frederick at the Fairgrounds March 20-21. Be sure to introduce yourself when you come by.