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April 23, 2010

Maryland-Coming to a Backyard Near You!

Remember the mosquitoes last year? Did you feel that you just couldn’t go outside to garden, do yard work or let your kids out to play in the back yard? Well this year if you are in Montgomery County, Frederick County or Washington County, you are in luck! Mosquito Squad is coming to a backyard near you!

Service is available for individual spray treatments, special events, or seasonal coverage. There are traditional and organic options to choose from. In addition, tick control is offered through sprays and supplemental tick treatments to protect you from contracting Lyme in your outdoor living area.

The Grand Opening of Mosquito Squad of West Montgomery is May 3rd.  Call 301-444-5566 for schedule and pricing.

April 10, 2010

RBBA’s Mosquito Squad Pee Wee’s win!

Mosquito Squad of West Montgomery is the proud sponsor of two of  Rockville’s Little League teams this Spring, one Pee Wee and one Rookie level. Spring is a great time to burst outside after what this year was a long, deep winter. That All American Past time is full of important athletic and life skills for kids.

We are so proud of the Pee Wees that won their first game this evening. Way to go Skeeter Squad!

For more information on Rockville’s Little League, go to

April 2, 2010

“One Child Dies Every 30 seconds”

As I gear up to start my new Mosquito Squad business, so many friends and acquaintances ask me the same question: Why did you choose this business? The answer is Malaria and Lyme Disease. These are two huge reasons for me personally. Both of these diseases have touched me personally. If you have ever experienced either ailment, or have a loved one who has then you know how I feel.

Mosquito Squad gives me a way to join forces against Lyme in your backyard by treating to eliminate ticks along with the mosquitoes. We are endorsed by the National Capital Lyme Disease Association. For more information visit:

I know we don’t have Malaria in this country any more, but it is still destructively prevalent in too many parts of the world. This disease is preventable and treatable, yet daily it reduces productivity of workers and kills people, especially children.

How does my starting a  Mosquito Squad business in Maryland help people abroad? When I first heard of this franchised opportunity I learned that there was a social action.  In effort to help our global community, the corporate office of Mosquito Squad has chosen to partner with MALARIA NO MORE,  a compassionate organization with a proven record of reducing Malaria in African villages by way of multi-tiered treatment and simple, low-cost prevention. Now I can personally join this effort by raising awareness and funds through my new office coming this Spring.  To learn more take a look at this video about MALARIA NO MORE:

Sincere thanks for visiting this blog and the 2 links I feel are vitally important.

Susan Levi, Mosquito Squad of West Montgomery