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August 21, 2010

Mosquito Squad a West Nile Solution

Last night, our local Fox News had a report about the recent diagnoses of 2 West Nile cases in Maryland. The report covered the all- important preventative measures we all need to take on our properties, especially tipping over anything that can catch even a small amount of water. As part of the report, Mosquito Squad was shown as a solution. In fact, I was featured talking about our service and demonstrating how we apply the product to the foliage which kills mosquitoes that are present and creates an invisible barrier against additional mosquitoes that try to come in for the duration of the time-released product–21 days.

Mosquito Squad has been protecting families since 2004, beginning in Charlotte, NC.  For many areas including most of Montgomery County, Md, this is the first year that our service is available.  With county and city budget cuts residents are left on their own to find solutions for mosquitoes in their own yards. It’s no wonder that Montgomery county has welcomed us with open arms this year!

Click here to see the news video .

August 13, 2010

Certifikid’s Deal of the Day

WOW the mosquito population is exploding! With all the storms coming through and the heat that speeds up the reproduction of asian tiger mosquitoes, this is the time to go outside and tip and turn over everything that can hold even just the smallest bit of water.

Now you can add more protection from mosquitoes and ticks for your family and pets. Our mosquito barrier spray is an environmental remedy, like a time-released force field.

In addition, today is a great day to sign up for service to eliminate 85-90% of the mosquitoes in your yard. For a great deal, go TODAY to and buy the deal of the day, only $79 for your first spray (normally $150-$200), and get 3 weeks of comfort without the threat of bites.