Mosquito Squad raises Lyme awareness at Rockville Science Day 2014

Ribbon cutting at Science Day 2014

Ribbon cutting at Science Day 2014.

Mosquito Squad of West Montgomery, MD participated in the annual Rockville Science Day 2014 at Montgomery College on April 6th. This year marked the 25th anniversary for the event which provided a wide variety of fun scientific displays and fun hands-on activities for all ages with a goal of sparking the imagination and creativity of participants. This year’s Science Day explored aspects of engineering, biology, rocket launches, chemistry, astronomy and much more!

Dignitaries participating in Rockville Science Day 2014

Dignitaries participating in Rockville Science Day 2014: Doug Duncan – former county executive,
Virginia Onley- council member,
Rockville Mayor -Bridgett Newton,
Jennie Forehand -MD State Senator.

The Mosquito Squad of West Montgomery team participated in the event in an effort to help educate and raise awareness within the community about mosquitoes, ticks and vector-borne illness. In conjunction with handing out informative brochures from the Maryland Department of Health, we also interacted with participants of the event to gain a better understanding about their knowledge of mosquito and tick-borne illness. With over 4,000 visitors attending the event, we were able to spread the word about raising awareness about the dangers of mosquitoes and ticks.  Some of the questions we asked included, ” Do you know where ticks get Lyme Disease?” Only two out of the many we asked this question to over the course of the afternoon knew the correct answer.
Do you know?

  • Here is a look at how ticks actually become infected with the pathogen that causes Lyme Disease…


Here is a letter we recently received from our participation in the event:

“Wow, what a great event and a beautiful day. Thank you for your participation. You are what made it a very successful day. We counted around 4,000 visitors, to over 90 exhibits, and over 50 volunteers. Our 25th celebration year was the best ever.”

“Again, thanks for a great day, and on to the USA Science and Engineering Festival, April 25-27, at the Washington Convention Center.”

Bob Ekman, Rockville, MD
Rockville Consortium for Science

In addition, Mosquito Squad of West Montgomery educated attendees of the Rockville Science Day about Malaria No More. We are a proud supporter of the Malaria No More campaign which is helping  raise awareness of  Malaria on a global level and helping to provide life-saving tools to help defeat this deadly mosquito-borne illness!

dread-and-kids-in-flowersWe look forward to participating in next year’s Science Day event, and many more upcoming  activities where we are given the opportunity to educate and heighten awareness about the dangers of mosquitoes and ticks here in Montgomery County and the surrounding areas. If you would like to learn more about keeping yourself and your family safe from mosquitoes and ticks this season contact us at (301) 444-5566 or email us at

Remember the key to a healthy, happy insect-free season starts in your own backyard!


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