Today is World Malaria Day: Learn how you can save a life.

World Malaria Day 2014Today is World Malaria Day which was initiated by WHO ( World Health Organization) Member States during the World Health Assembly of 2007. The day is set aside to highlight the need for continued investment and sustained political commitment for malaria prevention and control. People from across the globe will take part in a wide range of activities to mark World Malaria Day 2014.asian-tiger-mosquito

 Mosquito Squad of West Montgomery realizes the seriousness of mosquito-borne disease, in the U.S. and abroad. Mosquitoes are known as the deadliest creatures on earth despite their tiny stature. This is attributed to the wide range of disease and illnesses they can pass onto us. Despite recent progress, about half the world’s population still lives in Malaria ridden areas making it a leading cause of death amongst young children. Presently,104 countries are affected by the disease. Malaria No More, along with other campaigns targeted to provide timely diagnosis and treatment to stop the disease  in its tracks are also helping to raise awareness about this disease that is  too often forgotten through the passages of time and distance.

While Malaria was eradicated in the United States more than 50 years ago, it continues to thrive in countries like Africa where it takes the life of an innocent child every minute. Over 650,000 people worldwide die every year from Malaria, and 86% of those deaths occur in children. Malaria is preventable and treatable, just $1 can provide diagnostic testing and life-saving medication to save one child from perishing from this disease and the simplicity of having a $10 bed net to sleep under each night, up to two children can be spared from the deadly disease– it’s that simple. For the amount most of us spend on a cup of coffee each morning, we could save the life of 5 children!

Power of One


Mosquito Squad supports the Malaria No More campaign through their preventative bed net program, and other benefical programs that are helping to save lives. Mosquito Squad of West Montgomery, in particular collaborates with Malaria No More to  end Malaria deaths through the Power of One program. The Power of One program is targeted to halt Malaria  with one dollar and one child at a time. Malaria kills a child every minute, but Power of One lets you stop the clock by donating one dollar to provide a life-saving test and treatment for a child in Africa. So no matter where you are or what you’re doing, you’ve never been closer to saving a life.

One dollar given. One child saved. That’s the Power of One. Malaria is preventable and treatable and through donations and support we can help eradicate the disease once and for all.

To learn more about controlling mosquitoes at home and making an impact on mosquito-borne illness abroad, contact Mosquito Squad of West Montgomery today.  Call us today for a free quote •  (301) 444-5566 •

For more information on the fight against malaria, and to learn more about becoming involved in the fight against this deadly disease visit



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