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June 26, 2014

Chikungunya Is Spreading Like Wildfire!

ChikungunyaChikungunya isn’t a new Caribbean dish discovered this summer by vacationers to the Islands.  It IS being brought back to the US though.  Twenty-four states have so far reported 88 cases of this mosquito-borne disease.  The first case of Chikungunya in the Caribbean was reported in December 2013.  The CDC currently reports there are more than 183,000 cases in the Western Hemisphere.  It is spreading like a proverbial wildfire.

The disease had previously remained in Africa, the Pacific Islands and Asia until December when the Caribbean nation of St. Martin’s reported the first case.  Chikungunya comes from a language in Tanzania meaning “bent over”.  Symptoms of the disease include fever, headaches and joint pain.  Symptoms occur within 3-7 days of an infected mosquito bite.  After a week, the symptoms usually disappear; however, some victims are not so lucky.  The arthritic-like joint pain of the disease can linger for some for months or years.  Medication can be prescribed for the pain but there is no treatment for the illness.  Fortunately, the disease is rarely fatal.

chikungunya-transmission-cycleAlthough, no local transmissions from humans to mosquitoes have occurred in the US, CDC scientists believe it is only a matter of time before isolated outbreaks will occur here.  So far, all of the US victims of Chikungunya acquired the disease during visits to the Caribbean.

The two species of mosquitoes that transmit this disease have been in the US for a number of years.  With our increasingly warmer climate, both species can now be found as far north as Rhode Island.  These mosquitoes are aggressive daytime feeders.  They do not primarily look for a blood meal at dusk and dawn like other mosquito species.

Since this is summer traveling season, many US vacationers will plan to enjoy the sun and surf of the Caribbean.  You can’t know whether a returning neighbor or family member from a Caribbean vacation will be the next Chikungunya case in the US.  The best way anyone has of preventing mosquito-borne illnesses to themselves and loved ones is to prevent being bitten by a mosquito.  Since you likely spend most of your time outdoors in your yard, there is an effective way to reduce the number of bites you and your family may receive this summer.

Susan Levi, Owner Mosquito Squad of West Montgomery

Susan Levi, Owner Mosquito Squad of West Montgomery.

Mosquito Squad of West Montgomery MD provides an effective and proven barrier spray that eliminates 85-90% of the mosquitoes in your yard throughout the season.  We will also help you mosquito-proof your yard by pointing out places mosquitoes like to breed and hide, like rain gutters clogged with organic debris, flowerpots with standing water, etc.  Prior to treating your yard, we will confirm that we are on our way.  We will also leave you a notice that your yard was treated.  For continued protection all summer long, we recommend you treat your yard every 3 weeks during mosquito season.  With 4th of July around the corner, this would be an excellent time for you to experience the effectiveness of our barrier spray and judge for yourself.

Contact Mosquito Squad of West Montgomery  to learn more or sign up today • (301) 444-5566 •



June 25, 2014

Mosquitoes put your loved ones at risk of catching more than the bouquet at your wedding!

The uninvited guest: the mosquito

The uninvited guest: the mosquito.

Most of us don’t like being unprepared when we leave our house.  Going into a movie or restaurant that’s freezing cold in the summer is an annoyance.  Who thinks of bringing a sweater or jacket with them in July to go grocery shopping?  These are unpleasant situations we can endure briefly and either get our food to-go or grab the essential groceries we need and leave as soon as possible.

Getting the family ready to visit their Grandfather on Father’s Day, attending a Little League cookout, visiting friends for a pool party, even attending a friend’s wedding are some of the activities we might be doing this summer.  If we’re the host of these events, we will plan the food and drinks, the activities we need to provide to entertain everyone, what we will wear and all the things to make the day fun and enjoyable.  We want everyone to take away good memories.

After being indoors most of the winter, we often don’t think about what happens as the weather moves from early spring to summer.  How often have you hosted an outdoor event only to forget about mosquitoes?  We often don’t remember how quickly a tiny insect became the most important memory we took away from an outdoor event we attended.  Planning how you will prevent mosquitoes from ruining your event is just one more thing to include on your event To-Do List.  It will be as if all of our hard work meant nothing if you allow mosquitoes to invade your festivities.

Let’s imagine a bride’s wedding day.  Everything has been planned for months.  The cake has arrived on time.  Guests have traveled from far and wide to attend this special event.  Photos have been taken on the beautiful white bridge with lush green trees in the background to show off the bride’s amazing gown.  The bride and groom can think of nothing other than their future together and the new chapter beginning in their lives.  Watch this short movie, and see how their special day unfolds.

After looking at this brief movie, you probably have a better feeling of how biting mosquitoes can turn a planned celebration into a survival event.  Mosquito Squad of West Montgomery MD wants you to know it doesn’t have to be that way.  We offer a one-time event barrier spray to eliminate mosquitoes at any of your special gatherings.  Weddings, Anniversaries, Family Reunions, Birthday Parties, Cookouts, any event you are planning outdoors.

Enjoy the outdoor living season mosquito and worry free!

Enjoy the outdoor living season mosquito and worry free!

How many times have you failed to think of bug spray, anti-itch cream, etc. while getting dressed for any of these events?  Most of us don’t think of them often and neither will your guests.  Last week, while attending a Boy Scout cookout with my sons, one of them began itching and scratching from mosquito bites.  We had to leave to get anti-itch spray.  By the time we returned, we missed half the banquet.  Even someone working in the mosquito business can forget about mosquitoes when focused on children and the celebration they are attending.  It’s easy for any of us to forget how bad mosquitoes can be, especially around lakes and areas with a lot of shade and cover.

the bloodthirsty asian tiger mosquito

The bloodthirsty asian tiger mosquito is just one of over 59 species of mosquito here in MD.

A mosquito barrier spray will make sure that whether your guests remember sprays or creams, they will enjoy their time at your special event.  Our mosquito barrier sprays are so effective many of our one-time event customers later become regular customers.  The effectiveness of our mosquito treatments are our best advertisement and a great way to be introduced to them.  Once applied, no one will know the spray was used.  What guests may eventually notice is that there are no mosquitoes bothering them.

From the time your guests leave their car until they return, our mosquito barrier spray can be protecting them.  Our technicians call before arriving at the event location and will spray a day or two before your event to begin eliminating mosquitoes in advance of your festivities.  Whether you are using your backyard, or a space you’ve rented, we can make sure the only memories your guests take home are the ones you want them to have.  In fact, many of your friends and guests may tell you after your event that they were surprised they didn’t see any mosquitoes.  Of course, if you want them to think you picked a bug-free location for their enjoyment, we won’t tell.  It’s up to you.

Susan Levi, Owner Mosquito Squad of West Montgomery

Susan Levi, Owner Mosquito Squad of West Montgomery.

Now is the time to sign up for our season-long protection. We offer both organic and traditional programs.  If you prefer, sign up for a one-time spraying for your special event.  The benefits of our mosquito treatment will have you coming back for more because you will enjoy up to 3 weeks extended protection every week. You continue to invite family and friends over for cookouts and parties in your yard all summer long!

Our program will  keep you, your family and your pets completely protect you from mosquitoes and the many diseases they carry for the entire season. Contact Mosquito Squad of West Montgomery  to sign up today • (301) 444-5566 •

June 19, 2014

Mosquito Squad of West Montgomery discusses the misconception of the Polar Vortex’s impact on mosquitoes

Polar Vortex photo courtesy of the Washington Post

Polar Vortex photo courtesy of the Washington Post.

In talking to our customers, it seems many of them think harsh winters mean fewer insects in the spring and summer.  We know the much talked about Polar Vortex that Maryland and other states endured this past winter must mean the mosquito population has to be less in West Montgomery County this year. Right? That’s actually not the case.

If you think about the number of millennia insects have faced warm and extremely cold winters, yet are still with us, you know they must have a way to adapt to severe climate changes.  Mosquitoes are extreme survivors.  Ask any Alaska resident if mosquito numbers are reduced in years with extremely cold winters.  They will tell you clearly the answer is ‘No’.  Our 49th state has 35 mosquito species and they all survive the sub-zero winters very well each year.  Maryland has 59 mosquito species, and all have adapted equally as well to our winters too!

Mosquito Squad of West Montgomery MD

Mosquitoes survive like most species, by first timing their lifecycle to seasonal weather changes.

So how do they survive?  Mosquitoes survive like most species by first timing their lifecycle to seasonal weather changes.  As eggs, mosquitoes can survive very harsh winters.  Harsh winters and the cold water eggs  may slow down the development of the mosquito egg which means in long, cold winters, they will hatch later in the spring but they will still hatch.  This developmental slowdown is called diapause by scientists and is an adaptation used by many insects, not just mosquitoes.

Adult mosquitoes survive winter by hiding in any warm, moist place they can find.  Heavy, damp leaf litter, in tree bark, openings in trees or deadfalls are among their favorite hiding places.  If mosquitoes can find warmth in garages, attics, walls and other places in your home they will over-winter there also.  Even animal burrows underground will keep mosquitoes warm and moist during harsh winters.  Warmth and moisture are the necessary elements for larvae and adult stage mosquitoes to survive cold winters.

Adult mosquitoes have developed two adaptations to help them further survive cold winters.  The first is a process that turns their body’s fluid into glycerol as the weather cools.  Glycerol acts like an anti-freeze to keep them from freezing.  Like other insects, mosquitoes also use an adaptation called “super cooling”.  As cold weather approaches, they begin to lower their temperature so they can survive much colder temperatures.  A mosquito that can’t find a place warm enough to keep them above their lower super cooled temperature won’t survive winter, but most do.

The emerging mosquito rears it's ugly head!

The emerging mosquito rears it’s ugly head!

Equally as important as warmth is to mosquitoes is moisture and dampness.  Mosquitoes in any lifecycle stage need moisture or they will dry out.  Our wet spring, on top of plenty of water from snow-melt has provided an ample amount of warm and wet hiding places for mosquitoes to get the moisture they need this year.  Increased rains this spring warmed our lakes, rivers and streams.  This quickly restarted Marylands’s mosquito eggs developing toward adults. The increased rainfall we’ve had this spring gave these pest many more places for eggs to develop and hatch.

The cold truth is;  weather temperature influences the mosquito lifecycle but it has little effect on their survival rate.  Temperature and rain mainly affect the time when mosquitoes hatch.  In areas like Rockville and all over Montgomery County, hatching and mosquitoes emerging from hibernation generally begins each year around mid-April or earlier.  For more information on The Four Seasons of Mosquitoes, you can visit the Department of Agriculture’s website.

mosquito larvae and eggs in standing water

Mosquito larvae and eggs in standing water.

Since mosquitoes aren’t good fliers, most spend their lifetime within a few hundred yards of where they are born.  In order to reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property, it’s important to begin protecting your yard early with a barrier spray.  We want to serve all of our customers before mosquitoes are a problem and at a time that is most convenient to you.  The earlier you call, the more flexible we can be in scheduling the protection you want for your family and friends who will be enjoying your yard this summer.

mosquito in the snow

Mosquito in the snow, well, not literally.

Mosquito Squad of West Montgomery offers an intensive mosquito control program that controls and prevents mosquitoes all season. Our highly effective barrier sprays are sprayed on a regular schedule throughout the mosquito season to ensure no gaps in your mosquito and tick control. We also offer an organic mosquito control spray that is highly effective in controlling mosquitoes as well!

Our goal is to keep you, your family and your pets completely protect you from mosquitoes and the many diseases they carry for the entire season. Contact Mosquito Squad of West Montgomery for a free estimate today • (301) 444-5566 •


June 17, 2014

Mosquito Squad of West Montgomery is a proud sponsor of the Summer Giveaway from Macaroni Kid Rockville Gaithersburg

Huge Mac Kid Giveaway!Mosquito Squad of West Montgomery is dedicated to educating and protecting our community from the risks associated with nuisance insects such, like mosquitoes and ticks. Part of our quest to keep our neighbors aware here in the Rockville, MD area has helped us connect with not only residents, but also business owners who share our common goal: which is keep you and yours healthy and happy! One of the local businesses that we have connected with is Macaroni Kid of Rockville and Gaithersburg.
Macaroni Kid Rockville-Gaithersburg, features a website and weekly e-newsletter for families in the Rockville, Gaithersburg, North Potomac and North Bethesda areas that serves as a valuable and helpful tool in planning family-friendly events for you to enjoy. Their website is even interactive in that you can can save upcoming events of interest and refer back to them, through the My Macaroni feature. You can even download them as a PDF document.
Mosquito Squad of West Montgomery is also a proud sponsor of the Summer Giveaway from Macaroni Kid Rockville Gaithersburg. Included in the prize package is one treatment up to half acre (traditional or organic) valued at $150! WOW!!
Mosquito free life
Our service, and treatments, are geared towards keeping you and your family happy and healthy during the outdoor living season. Mosquito Squad of West Montgomery provides expert mosquito, tick and stinkbug control for your home, business, or special event. We eliminate mosquitoes and other nuisance insects in the places you, your kids, and your pets live and play. With our comprehensive protection, activities like cookouts, games with your children, enjoying your pool, or simply reading on the back porch will be effortless and fun again. Our mission is to eliminate the mosquitoes and other bothersome and dangerous insects from your environment. Why cover yourself with mosquito repellent or mosquito spray, buy expensive mosquito traps or mosquito magnets that don’t work?
Susan Levi, Owner Mosquito Squad of West Montgomery

Susan Levi, Owner Mosquito Squad of West Montgomery.

Our program gets to the root of the problem by treating your yard throughout the summer for complete protection. This effectively creates a barrier around your yard protecting you from mosquitoes. Living mosquitoes are eliminated on contact. Then our product works on a timed release to keep your yard mosquito free until our next visit — simple, and effective!

Contact Mosquito Squad of West Montgomery  to learn more or sign up today • (301) 444-5566 •