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April 23, 2010

Maryland-Coming to a Backyard Near You!

Remember the mosquitoes last year? Did you feel that you just couldn’t go outside to garden, do yard work or let your kids out to play in the back yard? Well this year if you are in Montgomery County, Frederick County or Washington County, you are in luck! Mosquito Squad is coming to a backyard near you!

Service is available for individual spray treatments, special events, or seasonal coverage. There are traditional and organic options to choose from. In addition, tick control is offered through sprays and supplemental tick treatments to protect you from contracting Lyme in your outdoor living area.

The Grand Opening of Mosquito Squad of West Montgomery is May 3rd.  Call 301-444-5566 for schedule and pricing.

January 11, 2010

Mosquito Control That Really Works

Mosquito Problem?

You might not be thinking about this with that white stuff on the ground right now, but are you sick of being run indoors? Last summer I was.  One day in June, my family had not been able to continue enjoying meals outside anymore. It wasn’t the weather, it was the biting mosquitoes (especially those asian tiger mosquitoes) and the fear of ticks. We’d be run in by those little pests so fast that we’d given up eating outside.  I heard about this company called Mosquito Squad and couldn’t wait to see if it was all it claimed to be.  My reason was twofold: my family needed relief in the yard and in the back of my mind, I thought if it worked, it might be a franchise I would want to buy. (I learned about this company as a franchise consultant that helps others find the right franchise to start up.)

The Test

One Wednesday in June, we got the first application on our yard. Two days later,  we had a couple families over for a casual diner. All nine of us ate outside. Then we stayed out till 10:30 playing board games at the table with not one mosquito. We got our yard back. What a great summer it turned out to be, though I noticed we were the only ones in our neighborhood outside those following months.

It tuns out I’m not the only one who loves this service and the company behind it. There were 18 new franchisees at training a month ago preparing to open 20 new territories in the country.  Here is the link to see if your area is covered: .  If it’s not and/or you think you might want to own a franchise, click here.

Wishing you Healthy, Happy Outdoor Living!


Proud new owner of Mosquito Squad of West Montgomery County 301-444-5566