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July 7, 2015

Rain, Rain Go Away So We Can Spray for Mosquitoes Today

ms west montgomery tick controlWe have a love/hate relationship with the rain and we’ve had a LOT of rain lately here in Montgomery County. For mosquitoes to breed and business to be good we need the rain. To be able to spray, successfully eliminating those rain produced mosquitoes we need it to stop raining sometimes. When a summer like this one comes along it is a double-edged sword, but you might be surprised at how uneven that double-edged sword really is.

Our Sticky Time-Released Formula

Our traditional barrier spray has a timed-released formula that allows it to last for up to 3 weeks even if it rains later that very same day. Before buying this franchise location, I had a really good chance to test the effectiveness of this product, even in rain. My yard was being sprayed every three weeks for the summer and the results were amazing. Then came an extended wet period. One July day despite very heavy skies my yard was treated and within one hour we had the heaviest torrential rain of that summer. My first inclination was to call and request a respray. But because I was considering buying this franchise, I realized I had a great opportunity to really test the product.  Being the curious person I am, I decided not to ask for a respray. I am not kidding you, I had zero mosquitoes for the next three weeks. Given enough time to dry, our product really sticks.

rainy_day_mosquito_sprayIf you see a chance of rain in the forecast you can still get treated with the regular product. As long as the mosquito spray has time to dry you should be good to go. If it does rain after an application don’t fret, hold off and see, it really does stick as long as it has dried first. With our traditional barrier spray sticking to leaves, grass and other foliage, mosquitoes that come along after the fact will be eliminated or repelled for up to 3 weeks.

How Long Does it Take for Mosquito Spray to Dry?

There is not an exact answer for how long it takes for mosquito spray to dry. I can’t say with certainty that after 31 minutes and 28 seconds you can turn on the sprinklers and do the rain dance. There are many variables. On a hot sunny day with low humidity it can be very fast. On a cool cloud damp day it can take a bit longer. Generally an hour is enough time to dry in most conditions. As always we guarantee our product, so if it does indeed rain shortly after your yard is sprayed and you find the effectiveness to be diminished in some way – we will come out and respray, no questions asked.

Susan Levi, Owner Mosquito Squad of West Montgomery.

Susan Levi, Owner Mosquito Squad of West Montgomery.

We are crossing our fingers that we get some great summer weather to enjoy in between these bursts of rain, but even if we don’t get our wish you can still protect your family from mosquito bites and mosquito-borne viruses such as West Nile Virus. Protect your family and friends today by contacting Mosquito Squad of West Montgomery to schedule mosquito and tick protection for your special outdoor occasion and all season long! You can reach us at (301) 444-5566 • email:

April 25, 2014

Today is World Malaria Day: Learn how you can save a life.

World Malaria Day 2014Today is World Malaria Day which was initiated by WHO ( World Health Organization) Member States during the World Health Assembly of 2007. The day is set aside to highlight the need for continued investment and sustained political commitment for malaria prevention and control. People from across the globe will take part in a wide range of activities to mark World Malaria Day 2014.asian-tiger-mosquito

 Mosquito Squad of West Montgomery realizes the seriousness of mosquito-borne disease, in the U.S. and abroad. Mosquitoes are known as the deadliest creatures on earth despite their tiny stature. This is attributed to the wide range of disease and illnesses they can pass onto us. Despite recent progress, about half the world’s population still lives in Malaria ridden areas making it a leading cause of death amongst young children. Presently,104 countries are affected by the disease. Malaria No More, along with other campaigns targeted to provide timely diagnosis and treatment to stop the disease  in its tracks are also helping to raise awareness about this disease that is  too often forgotten through the passages of time and distance.

While Malaria was eradicated in the United States more than 50 years ago, it continues to thrive in countries like Africa where it takes the life of an innocent child every minute. Over 650,000 people worldwide die every year from Malaria, and 86% of those deaths occur in children. Malaria is preventable and treatable, just $1 can provide diagnostic testing and life-saving medication to save one child from perishing from this disease and the simplicity of having a $10 bed net to sleep under each night, up to two children can be spared from the deadly disease– it’s that simple. For the amount most of us spend on a cup of coffee each morning, we could save the life of 5 children!

Power of One


Mosquito Squad supports the Malaria No More campaign through their preventative bed net program, and other benefical programs that are helping to save lives. Mosquito Squad of West Montgomery, in particular collaborates with Malaria No More to  end Malaria deaths through the Power of One program. The Power of One program is targeted to halt Malaria  with one dollar and one child at a time. Malaria kills a child every minute, but Power of One lets you stop the clock by donating one dollar to provide a life-saving test and treatment for a child in Africa. So no matter where you are or what you’re doing, you’ve never been closer to saving a life.

One dollar given. One child saved. That’s the Power of One. Malaria is preventable and treatable and through donations and support we can help eradicate the disease once and for all.

To learn more about controlling mosquitoes at home and making an impact on mosquito-borne illness abroad, contact Mosquito Squad of West Montgomery today.  Call us today for a free quote •  (301) 444-5566 •

For more information on the fight against malaria, and to learn more about becoming involved in the fight against this deadly disease visit


April 10, 2010

RBBA’s Mosquito Squad Pee Wee’s win!

Mosquito Squad of West Montgomery is the proud sponsor of two of  Rockville’s Little League teams this Spring, one Pee Wee and one Rookie level. Spring is a great time to burst outside after what this year was a long, deep winter. That All American Past time is full of important athletic and life skills for kids.

We are so proud of the Pee Wees that won their first game this evening. Way to go Skeeter Squad!

For more information on Rockville’s Little League, go to

February 25, 2010

Phantom in the Woods

The incidence of Lyme is increasing in number and spreading well beyond the original location of Lyme, Connecticut. Awareness has also been increasing and spreading. In our area of Metro Washington, DC it has gotten to the point that everyone either has it, has had it, or has a family member, friend, neighbor or dog who has Lyme Disease or has had it. It is the Mockingbird of diseases. The way it presents itself, when it does (there are people who get Lyme and seem non-symptomatic for years) is so varied that people are sent to psychologists, orthopedists, neurologists, cardiologists, and  dermatologists to give a partial list. Fatigue, joint pain, rash, mood disorders…any one or combination of symptoms may present. The lucky ones are those who have the “classic” bull’s eye rash along with flu-like symptoms. I say lucky, because they are the ones who get the right treatment right away. I put the word classic in quotes because, though it is considered classic, it presents in a small minority of cases.

Lyme is a fact and it’s here to stay. Unfortunately, this gives parents more reason to fear letting our kids play outside. I remember once a few years ago talking to a mom who was afraid to let her kids play in a wooded area next to their home. We hold an image of the woods as being a dangerous place with the big bad wolf or strangers lurking. Theoretically, the woods next to your home should be a wonderful, magical, educational and healthy choice of environments for children to play, explore, and learn in, lest they develop “Nature Deficit Disorder” as coined by Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods.

The reality is that there is some thing big and bad in the woods. Like a phantom, it is there, and BEWARE, it’s not just in the woods. It’s on the Mall in Washington, DC, it’s in the school yards and sports fields, and it’s in our back yards. What are we supposed to do? Lock your kids inside? Give up gardening? Last summer, I chose to reclaim my back yard and like I said in a previous post, I was so happy to be able to have my kids outside that I decided to become part of the company. What are you going to do about it? Click here to learn more about Lyme.

For treatment options click here.

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